Saturday, May 22, 2010

Magners Irish Cider

Type: Hard Cider
Origin: Ireland
Price: $3 for 19 oz at happy hour

I was a little hung over from last night, so I decided to start the day with something more refreshing and not too strong. Sorry no posts from last night because a) I forgot my camera and b) I forgot to write stuff down. A recap though: 3 bud lights, 1 bud heavy, a noble pils, a shitty Firehouse IPA in 32 oz form, some other Firehouse beer, also 32 oz form, and two blue moons. Magners was pretty cheap, so I gave it a go. They gave me the bottle and a glass of ice, which I presume is the preferred drinking method. There is definitely no carbonation in this, and it really doesn't represent beer in any way. This tasted like Andre with no carbonation, with an obvious hint of apples. It was surprisingly dry and not very sweet. There were nutritional facts on the back, and there was only 19 g of sugar in the whole bottle. This got a bit old by the end, but was a nice little diversion.

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