Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Newcastle Brown Ale

Type: Brown Ale
Origin: UK
Price: Didn't buy it

I think this will be the final beer review from this event. I did review two others: natural light and sasha's home brew. We plan on doing a shitty beer taste testing for the site eventually, so I will save the natty review. And until Sasha gets distributing, it would be futile to review it, although it was surprisingly good. It was actually much better than this Newcastle that I am about to review. I have no idea why Newcastle Brown is famous. When you really get down to it, it tastes like dirty old socks. There is almost no head, no hops, a bit sweet with a faint chocolate color. I am pretty sure I have never bought this in a bar or in a store before in my life. So I guess considering that, its not a bad beer. But if you pay anything for it, you deserve a good de-ballification.

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