Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tap Room No. 21 Moe's Backroom Lager

Type: Pale Lager
Origin: La Crosse, WI, USA
Price: $8 per 6 pack

I picked up a sixer of Moe's Backroom Lager for my buddys PhD thesis defense, at which we all got thoroughly wasted. This did however provide the perfect opportunity to get a large amount of beers in. This beer was my first of the day, although I already had champagne earlier. I didn't have a glass to pour into, but from what I could tell, the color was pretty light, and the head was very small. There was really nothing of note on this beer. It was light in flavor, not hoppy, and had a faint taste of warm PBR in the back. The bottle is pretty badass though. It has a picture of some fat mobsters on the front, and it says they are "celebrating the repeal of prohibition". Yeah celebrating it by serving shitty beer that is probably from the prohibition.

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