Wednesday, June 30, 2010

North Coast Pranqster

Type: belgian, golden ale
Origin: Fort Bragg, CA
Price: $6 per 750 mL

Should have given up on drinking after the Kilt Lifter, but the woman was out watching Eclipse, so I decided to hop on Team Brendan and get pretty wasted. I wrote a few notes on this as I was drinking it, and as I was too drunk to remember anything else, I will just give you my gargled notes:

hardest fucking bottle ever to open, good golden, almost hefeweisen look, thick head
strong citrus smell, citrus taste, mix of hefeweisen and belgian, very refreshing, 7.6%, jesus christ, light hops, most drinkable, highly alcohol(sic) beer I've had. Probably top 5 in beers this month

Moylan's Kilt Lifter Scotch-Style Ale

Type: Ale
Price: $5 per 22 oz
Origin: Novato, CA

Moylan's definitely labeled this brew correctly. At 8%, this will definitely make all the gals (or guys if that is your thing) a bit looser. That is if they can finish this heathen. It has a nice reddish brown color with a very smooth head. The smell is very sweet and nutty. It is has a fairly malted taste that makes you wonder how you will finish it. This bottle has to be the busiest I have ever seen, and this beer has won a ton of awards. Also, the brewmasters name is Brendan, so +1.

Weihenstephaner Korbinian

Type: Doppelbock
Origin: Freising, Germany
Price: $2.50 per 0.5 L

For being such a cheap beer, this one has quite a bit of character. I think this the first Bock that we have reviewed on this site, probably one of only a handful I've ever consumed, and I'm not really digging this. It has a creamy, well aerated head and has a strong cherry smell and taste. The color is black as a stout, with a small amount of nuttiness, but the sweetness definitely overpowers the nut/bitterness. By the end of this beer, I had to drink a Sierra Summerfest and a glass of orange metamucil just to get rid of the taste.

Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 San Diego International Beer Festival

On Saturday, after the horrendous US Soccer team loss to Ghana, a bunch of us headed on up to the Del Mar fairgrounds for the San Diego County Fair. For 2 days, they ran an international beer fest of epic proportions. For $30 plus admission to the fair, they let you drink as much beer as you want for 4 hours. I thought it was a great opportunity to review a ton of beers, but it proved too difficult to take pictures and think of interesting comments after about 5 minutes. My girlfriend said I was like a small child running into the place, and got mad at me for not waiting for her. I'm sorry, but I'm 6'7" and there is all you can drink beer. You do the math. Here is an overview shot of the festival:

Yes, there is a guy wearing a pretzel necklace. The next pic is of O'Haras Irish Stout. I wrote down that it tastes like coffee.

A nice portrait:

Here's a pic of me in front of the Norrebro Brewery stand from Denmark. They had some of the best beer I've ever had.

And meat logs were had by all:

Sierra Nevada Summerfest Summer Lager

Type: Lager, pilsner
Origin: Chico, CA
Price: $7.99 per 6 pack

The woman wanted to have a dinner party with my fellow drunkards, so I stopped by BevMo for some interesting brews. I was drawn to the Summerfest because no one is stupid enough to turn down a Sierra and I have never reviewed it. Double win. This has to be, without a doubt, the least hoppy Sierra product I have ever consumed. That being said, it still has a strong hop profile. I think Andy said it best: Smells like summer, tastes like winter. It has a nice floral citrus smell going for it, and is pretty damn pleasant. I am pretty happy I still have 2 in the fridge.

Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier

Type: Wheat beer
Origin: Freising, Germany
Price: $2.69 per 0.5 L

According to the bottle, the Weihenstephaner brewery is the oldest in the world, first brewing in 1040. Since I'm a sucker for simplistic advertising, and being 3 times older than 'Merica, I picked up two bottles from Weihenstephaner at BevMo. Most of the beer they sell in stores here is wheat beer varietals, and upon looking at the website, I realized they have 5 types of wheat beer, including a non-alcohol version. Thats probably the only non-alcoholic wheat beer ever made, and thank god I didn't make the mistake of picking it up. I only know 1 sentence in German (great pick up line, just ask me), so I definitely dodged a bullet. This one is referred to as a Crystal Wheat Beer, and I think that is a pretty good description of it. This thing had the slowest settling head I have ever seen. At least 10 minutes, and I can assure you my pouring ability is not that shitty. I had lots of time to smell it, and it had a strong hefeweisen smell with decent citrus notes. Once I was able to taste it, I found out that it is a very dry beer with a very subdued sweetness. It even had a slight smokiness, which you would never expect from a wheat beer. For the price, I would definitely buy this again.

Radeberger Pilsner

Type: Pilsner
Origin: Radeberg, Germany
Price: $1.99 per 0.5 L

Radeberger Pilsner is definitely made in the traditional pilsner style, but has a few aspects that quite a sweet surprise. The color is golden, and it has a very generous head. There is a slight skunkiness that can be smelled across the room, but like the Konig Pilsner, the taste is not skunked. There is just a faint bitterness, but the most surprising quality was the sweetness that reminded me of a candy necklace, which usually doesn't come out in pilsners. This also might be the first beer that has an ingredient list on it, which includes only water, barley malt, hop extract, hops. I remember that a dive bar (Whiskey Thieves) in San Fran has this on tap, which I will definitely have to pick up with a shot next time I'm there.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hornsby's Hard Cider Amber Draft

Type: Hard Cider
Origin: I guess California
Price: Usually $6-7 per 6 pack

We had some relatives over for a dinner party a few days ago and they brought over two varieties of Hornsby's. I was quite surprised that this comes from Gallo, the proud makers of Boone's Farm, B&J, Andre and New Amsterdam Gin. I got a bit of a soft spot for the stuff after moving into an apartment in Atlanta and the previous owners left a gigantic wooden Hornsby's rhino head in the closet that I promptly sold on ebay. There really is not much to this stuff. It is very crisp and bubbly. The color is very golden and the head is exactly like the frothiness when you are at a packed bar and they throw a bunch of ice in the urinal troughs, causing a nice aerated urine cocktail. Its honestly much closer to champagne than beer, and really tastes like apple drank. The other one in the fridge is the "extra apple" one. I really dont know how they can make it more appley, but I will let y'all know.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shitty Beer Blind Tasting

Yep, a blind shitty-beer tasting. After watching the USA/ENG world cup game end 1-1 (thanks Green), we thought it was important to celebrate 'Merica by doing a blind taste test of eight American beers (no 'light' beers besides Natty). We had ten participants, with two identifying all beers correctly. We also ranked the beers. The results are, in order or ranked shittiness (first is worst):

Miller High Life
PGD (Pabst Genuine Draft)
Coors Original
Bud heavy

Some comment highlights:
  • High life: "the worst, smells like hair"
  • PGD: "yuck, I have a headache" and "terrible"
I think I agree that PGD is pure awful, but I was surprised with the High Life results. For anyone attempting this, make sure Back to the Future is playing in the background; it helped gulp down shit-after-shit tastes. "Hey you, get your damn hands off her."

The most fascinating thing to me was our friend Chris' numbering system. From first to last it went:

Huh? He was one of the two tasters to get them all correct. The first person to explain this system to me gets a check for $40 in the mail *.

* hell no you're not gettin' no check!

This was my first time getting ice-blocked. Thanks Carey and Banger for secretly plotting against me. Here I am, getting blocked back to 1985.

Chris (left) and Matt, the all-correct tasters:

Here's Brendan's ("Brats") pictures of each tasting. The color didn't give any of these away, certainly:

Pyramid Curve Ball Blonde Ale

Type: Ale
Origin: Seattle, WA
Price: $13.50 for variety 12 pk

The "Curve Ball" Blonde is a summer only brew from pyramid, but I think they should make it year round. It has a well rounded full flavor profile with a faint sweetness that I was having trouble comparing to anything else. I wrote in my notes that this is "One Sweet Easy Slut of a Beer". I absolutely abhor the name though. "Curve Ball" Blonde? Seriously. They couldn't come up with a great adjective for this one. How bout Breastastic. Or if they still want to use more words, why not "sweet honey pot" blonde.

Pyramid Thunderhead IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Seattle, WA
Price: $13.50 for variety 12 pk

This is a rather strange IPA, although its not surprising from Pyramid. This is the first Pyramid I've had that is filtered, although it still has the same head profile as the hefeweisen and apricot. The smell on it is still citrusy, and the hops have a citrus bitterness kinda like eating orange or lemon rinds. It is not very floral like most IPAs and it is incredibly subdued compared to Stone, but it isn't bad at all. I think they should rename it just an ale since that is truly what it is.

Pyramid Haywire Hefeweisen

Type: Hefeweisen, wheat ale
Origin: Seattle, WA
Price: $13.50 for variety 12 pk

I am almost certain this is the same beer as the apricot, minus the audaciousness of the apricots. It is not very citrusy, pretty dry and very generic. The hops slightly show through on this, which is probably covered up in the apricot. This is a very drinkable hefeweisen that you probably wont get sick of, but I think it is too boring for the truly adventurous.

Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale

Type: Ale / Flavored Beer
Origin: Seattle, WA
Price: $13.50 for variety 12 pk

I was over at Ralph's yesterday and noticed the Pyramid summer 12 pack was on sale, and having had the apricot before, I wanted to try some other stuff from them. Terrible adjectives aside, the Audacious Apricot is pretty fucking awesome, and is probably the only "girly" beer that you can drink with pride. It is done in hefeweisen style, with the nice unfiltered golden color you would expect, but it is surprisingly dry for a sweet beer. The apricot flavor and smell completely dominates this beer, making this much simpler than one would expect from a flavored beer. I'm pretty sure they use no hops, and after having each of the brews in the summer pack, I realized they keep the bitterness to a minimum in all of their beers. I usually only buy this when it is on sale or when the woman wants it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kostritzer Schwarzbier

Type: dark lager
Origin: Bad Kostritz, Germany
Price: $2.49 per 0.5 L

What isn't awesome about this beer? It's black, has an awesome label, is made in a city named "Bad Kostritz" and sustained Johann Wolfgang von Goethe during an extended illness. I think they also used this as bombs during the Blitzkrieg to make their opponents easier to conquer. Anyways, this beer has a very full slow settling head. The color is very similar to black coffee. It is slightly sweet in smell, and surprisingly has an incredibly light flavor. There is a faint coffee/nut/dark chocolate flavor that comes in the back of the mouth. This is fairly similar to the dark lager at U Fleku in Prague.

Ballast Point Wahoo Wheat Beer

Type: Wheat Beer / Hefeweisen
Origin: San Diego, CA
Price: $3.99 per 22 oz

Ballast Point is a solid San Diego brewery with an awful fish theme for all of their bottles. The Wahoo Wheat is definitely no exception. The beer is a perfect yellow/orange opaque color with a very light head. The smell and taste are fairly sweet with a bit of citrus. Its a good solid hefeweisen, but not really for the price. This might be a catch and release situation.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baltika #2 Lager

Type: Lager
Origin: St. Petersburg, Russia
Price: $1.50 per pint

Ok, this is slightly better than the pale lager (#3), but it still tastes like Gorbachev's ass after Reagan was finished giving him the ol' in out without a proper reach-around. Its pretty darn skunked and the only prevailing flavor is a spoiled sweetness thats pretty bland. The color is beer-colored, the head is average and there are no hops. I guess a good rule of thumb for Baltika products is if the number is > 4, you can buy it, otherwise, move along you commie bastard.

Mission IPA

type: IPA
origin: San Diego, CA
price: $5 / 22 oz

In fine San Diego form, this is an IPA brewed in nearby Chula Vista (about 15 minutes from downtown San Diego). The guy at the store said "yeah, you like IPA? you should try their double-IPA" followed by "yeah it just means there's more alcohol." Ok, dip-shit. This is actually a really pleasant IPA. Sips starts off hoppy but finish with sharp, biting sweetness. It's certainly interesting, but not epic. It would help conquer some savage heathens though.

Owyhee Amber Ale

Type: Amber Ale
Origin: Ontario, Oregon
Price: $5 per 22 oz

I bought this at BevMo a few weeks ago simply for the reason that I have gone on a hiking trip in the Owyhee Mountains during my trip to Boise, Idaho. Andy and I got thoroughly thrashed, so I have a soft spot for the name. This beer has a very frothy head, and a very sweet smell. The taste is very nutty, but not overpowering, and only comes in the back of the mouth. The front of the mouth is almost tasteless, which is quite refreshing. It has a nice brownish orange color that is opaque. They also have the best name for a beer company. The label kinda sucks. I think that is the only negative.

Fat Tire

Type: Amber Ale
Origin: Fort Collins, CO
Price: $2 per pint

So one night we took the suggestion of the girl from the Coors Brewery Tour and went to Woody's Pizza. She said she loves the ranch dressing there. Its the best. Well, I'm easily convinced. I'm not going to review the place since its more of a restaurant, but let me just tell you this place was awesome. All you can eat pizza, salad bar, and beer cheese soup. Also, the waitress spilled ranch dressing on me, and I got my dinner for free. I knew there was something special with the ranch. But anyways, it was Fat Tire Tuesday, which means $2 pints. This brew has a nice orange/brown color with a light head. Its a bit sweet in the front, and is not too hoppy. The sweetness profile compliments the beer cheese soup fantastically. On the website, a cheese aficionado talks about how well it goes with cheddar. I should tell him it goes with velveeta too.

Dale's Pale Ale

Type: Pale Ale
Origin: Lyons, Colorado
Price: $3 per pint

See Sierra Nevada. Its a small town Colorado beer. Its bitter, floral and crisp. And at 6.5%, it gets you drunk.

Golden City Legendary Red Ale

Type: Red Ale
Origin: Golden, CO
Price: $12 per pitcher

This is the second most popular beer at the Golden City Brewery, behind the IPA, which they ran out of before I got there. It is leaps and bounds better than the towns other red ale, Killians. The color is a perfect red brown and has a very full head. The hops are pretty subdued, although you can tell they are there. This is the first red ale I felt like I could drink into the double digits in a day.

Since I didn't take a picture of the IPA or write anything down about it, I will say a few words here. It is amazing. Its not like the shit IPAs in San Diego. Everything is perfectly balanced and incredibly simple. Definitely try both of these.

Golden City Brewery, Golden, CO

920 12th Street
Golden, CO 80401-1181
(303) 279-8092

This is the second biggest brewery in Golden, which I don't think takes too much. It's amazing how much better they are than Coors considering they both probably use very similar water sources. This place used to be a house that a couple decided to convert and start brewing in the back of. They have maybe 5 or 6 beers, and all of the ones I had were delicious. The food is also pretty cheap there ($2 for a brat), and they have this awesome mustard that is made with beer and horseradish. Also, the main bartender will sing Irish songs for you at the end of the night. They only stay open till 7, with last call at 6:30, so make sure you get there early. I will definitely visit again if I am in town.

Whistle Stop, San Diego, Ca

2236 Fern St
San Diego, CA 92104
(619) 284-6784

This bar has major street-cred, which isn't necessarily good or bad. As the night evolves, so does the clientele: it usually goes from 'I'm a fucking local' to 'I'm a fucking local hipster tard-face', all within a few hours. You can usually expect a $5 cover on the heavy nights, which isn't that bad considering your other option is loitering outside the 7-11 or eating at Sombrero's across the street. When the DJ steps in, the party usually turns into a 80's/90's themed dance party. Definitely a good way to grind on your female, new-wave style. Beer? The beer selection is modest, but certainly commendable for a place that could easily just be selling crap-on-tap to mein South Park dunkoff. If you just want kick-ass beers, walk a few blocks south to Hamiltons.

Anchor Liberty Ale

type: ale
origin: San Francisco, CA
price: $3.50/pint

This is a solid ale, brewed by Anchor. You can certainly taste the %5.9 alcohol, but it's highly drinkable, and slightly bitter. It's a shame I reviewed this while (a) drunk, and (b) getting drunker, since I surely missed some complex flavors. My chicken-scratch notes read "good on a cold night" and I fully agree. Next time Brendan and I are in Frisco, we're going to hit up the brewery and see what they really have to offer.

Tiger Lager

type: lager
origin: Singapore
price: $4/12 oz

This was my second beer at Station (see the bar review). This tastes like a typical island-style lager: smooth, sweet, slightly dry. It's drinkable, and I'm sure I could throw down a few dozen of these. I don't know what else to say, except that it's not worth $4, anywhere or anytime.

Coors Brewery, Golden, CO

1221 Ford Street
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 277-2337

Andy and I just got back from a week long trip to Golden, Colorado, land of the pure rocky mountain awesome water. As soon as we were dropped off by the shuttle, we headed off to tap the fuck out of the rockies at the Coors Brewery, which does its last tour at 4 pm (although you can stay till 6 pm). You are only allowed to go on the tour once a day (they are actually strict about this since they scan your id), and you get three 8-oz tastings of their "finest". The tour itself is very cheesy, with great sound effects and a perfect reading of the history that you can probably find on wikipedia. We followed our friend's advice and went straight to the tasting room, but not after getting some fantastic shots of the mash tuns:

These copper mash tuns can hold something like 20K 6 packs or something outrageous like that. And they have over 50 of them. Its really hot in there, probably from all the jism from the male collective, I presume. In the first tasting room, they give you a dixie cup of Coors original because its too rare to give out full samples. In the next sample room, we get the real beers, and I went for the Rising Moon first. This is actually a secret beer on the menu. Yes, Rising Moon is a real beer made by Blue Moon, but at the brewery, it is 1/3 Killians, 2/3 Blue Moon. This is 100% awesome. It is sweet and fruity, but not too overpowering. The Killians adds a bit of bitterness, but it is still mostly a blue moon. It is still slightly opaque from the unfiltered nature of blue moon, but it takes on a darker color as you can see here:

The next variation was an obvious one, 2/3 Killians, 1/3 Blue Moon. They call this the Harvest Moon. For two beers with such strong flavors, this beer actually tasted a bit watered down and flavorless. It has a much stronger head, and a better color spectrum, but like I said, the flavors are very subdued.

Harvest Ball-less Moon:

For the price of free, you would have to be French to not go on this tour. Don't be a pussy and just do it. Oh yeah, I also had a Molson original there. It tasted like shit. Now I have to go beat the shit out of Rick Moranis.

Station Tavern & Burgers, San Diego, CA

2204 Fern St
San Diego, Ca 92104

Mind fuck. Walking in to this place from the South, you can easily miss the sights and sounds of what seems like hundreds of children running and screaming like the little monsters they are. Obviously the owners are going for the family-dollar by setting up a miniature playground. "Please do not eat the gravel" reads a sign. Are there children stupid enough to eat gravel? Maybe the question should be: do you want to drink at a bar where there are children stupid enough to eat gravel??!?! The menu has 5 items, all in burger form; I had the mackalicious veggie burger made from chick-peas. Beer selection: unimpressive.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Samichlaus Classic (2009)

Type: barleywine
Origin: Eggenberg, Austria
Price: $5.99 / 330 ml

Holy fuck. "Extra strong malt liquor" is a fair description. 14% is usually a bit much, and I actually choked on the first drink, like you do when someone hands you a stiff vodka-tonic. Austria apparently knows how to make batshit-strong, syrupy-sweet barleywine. The pour yielded little to no head, which scared the hell out of me. I'll be honest: this tasting gradient went uphill, from 'slightly more enjoyable than a Brazilian pubic hair waxing', to 'this isn't that bad', ending at 'hmm, what a unique story to this beer.' The story: this beer is only brewed once per year, on December 6th, obviously to celebrate the miracle of grain replication and the immaculate conception. It's then allowed to ferment/age for at least 10 months. I imagine robed Austrian munks in a dingy basement brewing this up. All that gives this beer major street cred. $18/liter pricing snatches that cred right back, though it might be interesting to age some of these for a few more years to see how the "flavors" develop. Thanks, brain! You've just given me more than enough reason to use my ClubBev card.

Note from the end of the tasting: I'm already getting pretty buzzed. What a meaty bastard this one is.

Krusovice Imperial Lager

Type: Lager
Origin: Krusovice, Czech Republic
Price: $1.59 per 500 mL

This is probably the second most popular Czech beer behind Urquell and I can definitely see why. The Czechs are just much better than we are at making beer. In fact, the average Czech consumes 8.5 bottles of beer a week per person. And that includes women and children. This beer isn't gimmicky like every beer in this country. It is just plain good. The hops are well balanced. There is a good head that quickly dissipates. The color is perfectly golden. It is slightly sweet, and has serious drinkability. In fact, when I was in the Czech Republic, I drank 14 liters of beer in 5 days including many Krusovices. I can't wait to get back over there and enjoy these bastards in a good pivnice.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Neighborhood, San Diego, CA

777 G Street
San Diego, CA 92101-6418
(619) 446-0002

This is probably one of the best bars in this city. The beer menu is absolutely ridiculous. The theme is "Nu American". They love Belgian beers here, and it is a great place to try some awesome stuff. This is where I had the Duvel "Green" and the Craftsman Beer Mountain. The food is excellent (get the burgers). Its a little pricey, but it is a sure ticket to the "Bone Zone" on a date.

Honey Moon Summer Ale

Type: Ale
Origin: Golden, CO
Price: $12 / 12 pk

For a macrobrew summer ale, this is not too shabby. The flavor profile is like a Blue Moon that they filtered, added in some honey, and added in the oranges. There is a slight bitterness, but is generally incredibly smooth. I would feel a bit fruity buying this myself, but since I didn't buy it, I will drink it with dignity.

Baltika #3 Pale Lager

Type: Pale Lager
Origin: St. Petersburg, Russia
Price: $1.99 / 22 oz

Compared to the other Baltika products, this one just doesn't cut it. It is so generic and underpowered. The head is light, the flavors are light, and I can't pick out any distinguishable trait whatsoever. It isn't bad at all, and if it was in the price point of PBR, I would buy this all the time. I think the next time I will have this in on some Eastern European debauchery fest.

Craftsman Beer Mountain

Type: Ale
Origin: Pasadena, CA
Price: $6 per pint

OMFG. This beer has so much going on with it, I could write a novel. I knew I was getting a thorough ass raping when I ordered it and the waitress said "It's really smokey, are you sure?" That was the understatement of the century. Someone must have been chain smoking in a salmon factory while brewing this. I think they probably threw some cigarette butts in during the fermentation. The color is a diabolical red that should be a warning for all that try to drink it. The head is actually yellow. YELLOW! Like the color of my grandma's wall who smoked in a non-ventilated room for 40 years. This beer actually kinda numbs your mouth to the point you cant taste much towards the end of the glass. The back of the mouth is slightly bitter, but not too overpowering. This beer should be renamed to "Sloppy Chain Smoking Bar Skank That I Shouldn't Have Made Out With, But It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time Because I Haven't Gotten Any For Six Months". I would love to see that on a menu.

Duvel "Green"

Type: Belgian Ale
Origin: Breendonk, Belgium
Price: $6 for 0.25 L

Duvel "Green" is very similar to normal Duvel. Both are bottle conditioned, but Green is cold filtered. It's been a long time since I have had a normal Duvel, so I can't do a proper comparison. The color is a perfect piss golden color that you only see in the finest beers. It has a very strong bitterness that is not very complex. It is a bit sweet in the front of the mouth like a good ale. It's a good beer, but I don't think I will buy it again. It really is not that interesting.

Amstel Light

Type: lager
Origin: Netherlands
Price: $12 / 12-pack

I'll start with a question? Have you ever drank an Amstel in the US that wasn't "Amstel Light"? I guess marketing Amstel's traditional lager is low on Heineken International's priority list. Low alcohol (three-point-fucking-five percent ?!?!?!). Filling. Uninspired, simple flavors. The sum-total description is a beer fail. Do yourself a favor and just buy Miller High Life or Rolling Rock. Or, why not just keep going down the ladder to Natty or Keystone? They'll all get you just as drunk by volume (perhaps more-so), but you wont go broke doing it.

Okocim O.K. Beer

Type: Pilsner
Origin: Poland
Price: $2.09 / 500 ml (16.9 oz)

A good friend of mine, born in Poland, goes back every summer to work on his family's farm, drink copious amounts of vodka, and go to ├╝ber-trendy Warsaw nightclubs. He brought this beer back with him after a recent trip, and I can see why Poles are such diehard alcoholics. For the price, I'm astounded how good this is. I can only imagine how nice it must be to drink off a good day of hard manual labor with this "full pale beer". It's slightly sweet, writ with maltiness, and extremely smooth. It's an excellent pils, and it has the distinction of the first beer I've ever spilled onto my laptop. Sweetness. If the taste isn't enough, or the though of sweaty Polish farmers, here's some food for though: imagine it being 3x cheaper. Balls? Rocked.