Monday, June 28, 2010

2010 San Diego International Beer Festival

On Saturday, after the horrendous US Soccer team loss to Ghana, a bunch of us headed on up to the Del Mar fairgrounds for the San Diego County Fair. For 2 days, they ran an international beer fest of epic proportions. For $30 plus admission to the fair, they let you drink as much beer as you want for 4 hours. I thought it was a great opportunity to review a ton of beers, but it proved too difficult to take pictures and think of interesting comments after about 5 minutes. My girlfriend said I was like a small child running into the place, and got mad at me for not waiting for her. I'm sorry, but I'm 6'7" and there is all you can drink beer. You do the math. Here is an overview shot of the festival:

Yes, there is a guy wearing a pretzel necklace. The next pic is of O'Haras Irish Stout. I wrote down that it tastes like coffee.

A nice portrait:

Here's a pic of me in front of the Norrebro Brewery stand from Denmark. They had some of the best beer I've ever had.

And meat logs were had by all:

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