Sunday, June 20, 2010

Coors Brewery, Golden, CO

1221 Ford Street
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 277-2337

Andy and I just got back from a week long trip to Golden, Colorado, land of the pure rocky mountain awesome water. As soon as we were dropped off by the shuttle, we headed off to tap the fuck out of the rockies at the Coors Brewery, which does its last tour at 4 pm (although you can stay till 6 pm). You are only allowed to go on the tour once a day (they are actually strict about this since they scan your id), and you get three 8-oz tastings of their "finest". The tour itself is very cheesy, with great sound effects and a perfect reading of the history that you can probably find on wikipedia. We followed our friend's advice and went straight to the tasting room, but not after getting some fantastic shots of the mash tuns:

These copper mash tuns can hold something like 20K 6 packs or something outrageous like that. And they have over 50 of them. Its really hot in there, probably from all the jism from the male collective, I presume. In the first tasting room, they give you a dixie cup of Coors original because its too rare to give out full samples. In the next sample room, we get the real beers, and I went for the Rising Moon first. This is actually a secret beer on the menu. Yes, Rising Moon is a real beer made by Blue Moon, but at the brewery, it is 1/3 Killians, 2/3 Blue Moon. This is 100% awesome. It is sweet and fruity, but not too overpowering. The Killians adds a bit of bitterness, but it is still mostly a blue moon. It is still slightly opaque from the unfiltered nature of blue moon, but it takes on a darker color as you can see here:

The next variation was an obvious one, 2/3 Killians, 1/3 Blue Moon. They call this the Harvest Moon. For two beers with such strong flavors, this beer actually tasted a bit watered down and flavorless. It has a much stronger head, and a better color spectrum, but like I said, the flavors are very subdued.

Harvest Ball-less Moon:

For the price of free, you would have to be French to not go on this tour. Don't be a pussy and just do it. Oh yeah, I also had a Molson original there. It tasted like shit. Now I have to go beat the shit out of Rick Moranis.

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