Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fat Tire

Type: Amber Ale
Origin: Fort Collins, CO
Price: $2 per pint

So one night we took the suggestion of the girl from the Coors Brewery Tour and went to Woody's Pizza. She said she loves the ranch dressing there. Its the best. Well, I'm easily convinced. I'm not going to review the place since its more of a restaurant, but let me just tell you this place was awesome. All you can eat pizza, salad bar, and beer cheese soup. Also, the waitress spilled ranch dressing on me, and I got my dinner for free. I knew there was something special with the ranch. But anyways, it was Fat Tire Tuesday, which means $2 pints. This brew has a nice orange/brown color with a light head. Its a bit sweet in the front, and is not too hoppy. The sweetness profile compliments the beer cheese soup fantastically. On the website, a cheese aficionado talks about how well it goes with cheddar. I should tell him it goes with velveeta too.

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