Friday, June 25, 2010

Hornsby's Hard Cider Amber Draft

Type: Hard Cider
Origin: I guess California
Price: Usually $6-7 per 6 pack

We had some relatives over for a dinner party a few days ago and they brought over two varieties of Hornsby's. I was quite surprised that this comes from Gallo, the proud makers of Boone's Farm, B&J, Andre and New Amsterdam Gin. I got a bit of a soft spot for the stuff after moving into an apartment in Atlanta and the previous owners left a gigantic wooden Hornsby's rhino head in the closet that I promptly sold on ebay. There really is not much to this stuff. It is very crisp and bubbly. The color is very golden and the head is exactly like the frothiness when you are at a packed bar and they throw a bunch of ice in the urinal troughs, causing a nice aerated urine cocktail. Its honestly much closer to champagne than beer, and really tastes like apple drank. The other one in the fridge is the "extra apple" one. I really dont know how they can make it more appley, but I will let y'all know.

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