Wednesday, June 30, 2010

North Coast Pranqster

Type: belgian, golden ale
Origin: Fort Bragg, CA
Price: $6 per 750 mL

Should have given up on drinking after the Kilt Lifter, but the woman was out watching Eclipse, so I decided to hop on Team Brendan and get pretty wasted. I wrote a few notes on this as I was drinking it, and as I was too drunk to remember anything else, I will just give you my gargled notes:

hardest fucking bottle ever to open, good golden, almost hefeweisen look, thick head
strong citrus smell, citrus taste, mix of hefeweisen and belgian, very refreshing, 7.6%, jesus christ, light hops, most drinkable, highly alcohol(sic) beer I've had. Probably top 5 in beers this month

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