Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pyramid Audacious Apricot Ale

Type: Ale / Flavored Beer
Origin: Seattle, WA
Price: $13.50 for variety 12 pk

I was over at Ralph's yesterday and noticed the Pyramid summer 12 pack was on sale, and having had the apricot before, I wanted to try some other stuff from them. Terrible adjectives aside, the Audacious Apricot is pretty fucking awesome, and is probably the only "girly" beer that you can drink with pride. It is done in hefeweisen style, with the nice unfiltered golden color you would expect, but it is surprisingly dry for a sweet beer. The apricot flavor and smell completely dominates this beer, making this much simpler than one would expect from a flavored beer. I'm pretty sure they use no hops, and after having each of the brews in the summer pack, I realized they keep the bitterness to a minimum in all of their beers. I usually only buy this when it is on sale or when the woman wants it.

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