Thursday, June 10, 2010

Samichlaus Classic (2009)

Type: barleywine
Origin: Eggenberg, Austria
Price: $5.99 / 330 ml

Holy fuck. "Extra strong malt liquor" is a fair description. 14% is usually a bit much, and I actually choked on the first drink, like you do when someone hands you a stiff vodka-tonic. Austria apparently knows how to make batshit-strong, syrupy-sweet barleywine. The pour yielded little to no head, which scared the hell out of me. I'll be honest: this tasting gradient went uphill, from 'slightly more enjoyable than a Brazilian pubic hair waxing', to 'this isn't that bad', ending at 'hmm, what a unique story to this beer.' The story: this beer is only brewed once per year, on December 6th, obviously to celebrate the miracle of grain replication and the immaculate conception. It's then allowed to ferment/age for at least 10 months. I imagine robed Austrian munks in a dingy basement brewing this up. All that gives this beer major street cred. $18/liter pricing snatches that cred right back, though it might be interesting to age some of these for a few more years to see how the "flavors" develop. Thanks, brain! You've just given me more than enough reason to use my ClubBev card.

Note from the end of the tasting: I'm already getting pretty buzzed. What a meaty bastard this one is.

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  1. it kinda looks like sweet irish rose, and probably tastes like it too