Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Shitty Beer Blind Tasting

Yep, a blind shitty-beer tasting. After watching the USA/ENG world cup game end 1-1 (thanks Green), we thought it was important to celebrate 'Merica by doing a blind taste test of eight American beers (no 'light' beers besides Natty). We had ten participants, with two identifying all beers correctly. We also ranked the beers. The results are, in order or ranked shittiness (first is worst):

Miller High Life
PGD (Pabst Genuine Draft)
Coors Original
Bud heavy

Some comment highlights:
  • High life: "the worst, smells like hair"
  • PGD: "yuck, I have a headache" and "terrible"
I think I agree that PGD is pure awful, but I was surprised with the High Life results. For anyone attempting this, make sure Back to the Future is playing in the background; it helped gulp down shit-after-shit tastes. "Hey you, get your damn hands off her."

The most fascinating thing to me was our friend Chris' numbering system. From first to last it went:

Huh? He was one of the two tasters to get them all correct. The first person to explain this system to me gets a check for $40 in the mail *.

* hell no you're not gettin' no check!

This was my first time getting ice-blocked. Thanks Carey and Banger for secretly plotting against me. Here I am, getting blocked back to 1985.

Chris (left) and Matt, the all-correct tasters:

Here's Brendan's ("Brats") pictures of each tasting. The color didn't give any of these away, certainly:


  1. BabyFartMcGeezaksJune 23, 2010 at 3:17 PM

    Post those pics fool. They be livin in yo camera

  2. Check it, yo. You have dumbassedly mistaken '>' for '7'. It's a logical operator, not a numeral. So 2>1. Then 2>1>3. And so forth, ranking the relative quality of each beer in turn.

  3. Well, Dad, you try and decode drunken chicken-scratch, and go shove your logical operator up your numeral ass. Why would you waste time writing a '>' between every number?