Monday, June 28, 2010

Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbier

Type: Wheat beer
Origin: Freising, Germany
Price: $2.69 per 0.5 L

According to the bottle, the Weihenstephaner brewery is the oldest in the world, first brewing in 1040. Since I'm a sucker for simplistic advertising, and being 3 times older than 'Merica, I picked up two bottles from Weihenstephaner at BevMo. Most of the beer they sell in stores here is wheat beer varietals, and upon looking at the website, I realized they have 5 types of wheat beer, including a non-alcohol version. Thats probably the only non-alcoholic wheat beer ever made, and thank god I didn't make the mistake of picking it up. I only know 1 sentence in German (great pick up line, just ask me), so I definitely dodged a bullet. This one is referred to as a Crystal Wheat Beer, and I think that is a pretty good description of it. This thing had the slowest settling head I have ever seen. At least 10 minutes, and I can assure you my pouring ability is not that shitty. I had lots of time to smell it, and it had a strong hefeweisen smell with decent citrus notes. Once I was able to taste it, I found out that it is a very dry beer with a very subdued sweetness. It even had a slight smokiness, which you would never expect from a wheat beer. For the price, I would definitely buy this again.

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