Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Zywiec Porter

Type: Porter
Origin: Zywiec, Poland
Price: $1.99 / 500 mL

This was a delicious mistake for tonight. I've already had 2 Baltikas tonight, so I decided to go with the Zywiec instead of my third Baltika. This bastard is 9.5% ABV. And its 10:30 pm. And I'm doing laundry. And I need to work tomorrow. I'm quite surprised to find such a rich hearty beer this deep into eastern europe. The color is blacker than Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57. It's a pretty sweet beer in the front, but that is quickly offset by a coffee bitterness in the back of the mouth. It is very strongly malted, but isn't horribly overpowering. If you want to be a supreme badass, bring a pint of this to your friends house over some Old Rasputin. Nobody respects the Polocks, but in this case, they destroy western europe.

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