Monday, July 12, 2010


1047 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14209-2305
(716) 884-4083

A Buffalo staple, mainly as the supposed (self proclaimed?) origin of Buffalo chicken wings. My girl and I parked it here for hours, watching the Dutch get blasted by the Spaniards in an epic FIFA battle, all the while chowing on some delicious wings. As I mentioned in the Frizzy's post, Buffalo is not a good beer town. The most local of all their beers was by Genesee Brewing Company, in Rochester (pronounced "Genny" to a local) - the Genny Cream Ale. The Cream essentially tastes like Bud Heavy, but I think they consider it the "cream of the crop", since I had a Genny light the previous day that tasted like spoiled PBR. If not for the wings and history of the place, I wouldn't come back. Hot damn their sauce is "da bomb" though!!!!

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