Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cooper's Vintage Ale

Type: Ale
Price: ?
Origin: Australia

I was at my Uncle's house this weekend and he had a whole winter brew pack for me that someone left at a party (also a nice arsenal of smirnoff ice). So I basically got 10 unique beers for free. I decided to try the Cooper's Vintage Ale first since it was the only one without any gimmicks such as spicing and flavoring. On the website they suggest aging this in the cellar, and I could see how this gets better with aging. There is quite a bit of sediment in the beer, and it is in rather large chunks with is very unsettling. The color is almost like milk chocolate, and there is a bit of chocolate flavor in it. The flavor and smell is incredibly light, and this is something that could possibly change with age. I was a little weirded out by the sediment, and would probably not have this again.

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