Monday, July 12, 2010


140 Allen Street
Buffalo, NY 14201-1512
(716) 883-5077

In downtown Buffalo, NY, you cant help but want to eat a big bowl of Cheerios or Lucky Charms; the air is apparently owned by General Mills. It's a shame, then, that even with competent grainsmen there's few quality beer craftsmen, or that there's no place to demonstrate their trade.

Frizzy's is no exception, although I was able to get a Magic Hat "9," but that's from a Vermont Brewery. I'll return to "9" soon. The bar is the kind of place that as your walking to you feel like you might be a victim of gang violence, or beat up by a fratboy who's 12 Labatt Blue Light Limes deep. Having said that: you can definitely get blasted with all your friends Buffalo-style at this joint. Since last call nears 4am, this place ebbs-and-flows like a mutha-fucka: shoulder-to-shoulder one hour - dead empty the next. The beer selection was standard, and cheap, but it's also a short jaunt to the local chicken finger sub shop. A good CD jukebox too.

So how about "9"? Just minutes from Lake Champlain in Burlington, Vermont is the Magic Hat brewery. It wouldn't surprise me in hindsight to find out the brewery is owned and operated by hippie potheads who love to get enlightened in the woods, since one of the beers was most definitely brewed with Swedish Cheeba. It was certainly home to some tasty beer though, and Number 9 is their flagship. An excellent pale ale with apricot finish that makes you want to deal with below freezing temps, and douche-bags in polo shirts.

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