Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Karlovacko Svijetlo Pivo

Type: Pilsner
Origin: Karlovac, Croatia
Price: $2.29 per 0.5 L

This has to be the first beer I have had from the Balkans, and I have to say, I am quite impressed. It is definitely not the best pilsner, probably not in the top 10, but for the price and the place, you have to give it to the Croatians. The color is stereotypical pilsner, with a nice frothy head. There is a slight skunky smell, which seems to be a trend of pilsners on this site, but the taste is pure sweetness. If they want to make this a world class beer, they should tone down the sweetness a bit. I would definitely like to try this in Croatia, and will give them the benefit of the doubt on it. Otherwise, it is a classic pilsner that is not trying to be pretentious.

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  1. Holy shit, finally a review that beat Kanon in views.