Monday, July 19, 2010

Pretty Things Jack D'Or, batch 11

type: ale/beer/blend? ("Saison Amercain" to them)
origin: Massachusetts, USA
price: $6/22 oz

At this point in the night I'm blasted, but still trying to maintain and do some reviews. I kindof wish I had tasted this at a different outing, since I would have basically drank beer out of cowboy's boot at that point in the night. I'm surprised my notes were this coherent:

"this is really, really delicious. reminds me of a hef, but it's more of an ale than anything. earthy. citrusy. sharp. fuckin MIT massholes."

That's about all the quality reviewin' you're going to get from me at that point. The point is these boys are onto something. The website is cool as hell too. Bravo, ex-MIT students, your ale project is succeeding.

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