Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sam Adams Summer Ale (2)

type: ale
origin: Boston, MA, USA
price: $4/pint

Brendan reviewed this beer already, but I think he gives it too much credit. Here's my take:

Are you serious with this garbage, Sam? If I wanted to spend my summer drinking what tastes like sparkling floor cleaner I would go find some keggers, get shitface, and spent the night beside the toilet. What an utterly disappointing beer; frankly, I might even classify this as disgusting. Now every time I see a Sam Adams commercial, where the brewmaster is inspecting the delicate color of his craft, I'm going to think of those pro- high fructose corn syrup commercials and laugh. Even so, I'll give this beer a shot at redemption later on, since it could be that Obrycki's doesn't know how to clean their taps, but I would bet my life savings on this just being that bad.

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