Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Avery Anniversary Lager

type: black lager (malt liquor)
origin: Boulder, CO, USA
price: $8/22 oz

My buddy Chris (aka Mr. 100% in the shitty beer blind) had an ass kickin idea: go to the Sausage King, and then BevMo, and then consume sausage and beer. Yes, yes, yes. This was the first of the night. I've been noticing black lagers and black ales more and more (not St Pauli or und-Becks), but this was my first. "God bless Boulder" as Chris rightfully proposed. I knew these guys were awesome based solely on the ABV precision: 3 sig figs (8.69%). What mother fuckin badasses! This beverage almost crosses the line into barleywine territory, but is just balanced well enough to be surprisingly delicious.

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