Monday, August 23, 2010

Bison Brewing Organic Gingerbread Ale

Type: ale
Origin: Berkeley, CA
Price: ?

I have a bit of a beer backlog right now, but I had to skip ahead to this beer simply because this is the worst thing I have ever drank. I was watching a new Bourdain episode, and I needed something completely strange and interesting. This was the winter beer that I have put off to the end, and I now know why. At first, it looked like it might be interesting. The head looked like thick marshmallows and the smell was exactly like gingerbread cookies, which I really like. Then all of a sudden, it started smelling like rotting malted grain with hints of cinnamon. The first sip made me feel like I was at starbucks, but not in a good way. The specialty coffee flavor this was putting off was unbearable. My last comment was "This is fucking brutal". God damned hippies.

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