Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Flying Horse Royal Lager Beer

Type: lager, pale lager
Origin: India
Price: $2.99 per 650 mL

Let's just say one should always check where things are made before purchasing. I thought this beer looked cute, and at $2.99 per 650 mL, who could complain. I'm not saying that all Indian beers are bad, but I have never had a good one. The color is a light piss yellow and it has a very soft head, which compared to the previous beer, was actually appreciated. There is a strange hint of almond that makes this a little unsettling. There is also almost no bitterness, which is something they could have definitely pumped up to make a better beer with crappy water (note San Diego beers). I think they should start outsourcing their beer making to a country with a better tradition.

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