Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Moosbacher Wheat Beer

Type: Wheat beer
Origin: Moosbach, Germany
Price: $3.21 per 0.5 L

Let me paint a picture. You are walking home after a nice evening out and step into a boutique beverage store. You head to the back to feast your eyes upon an old wooden refrigerator with a massive handle. You peer in and notice a german wheat beer with a badass flip top that you have never even heard of before. You check the price: Holy testicles batman, this is only $3.21 per half liter! Ok Robin, calm down. You carry the mythic beast back home where you immediately find a glass righteous enough for it. Upon pouring, you notice sweet citrus notes and then BLAM! The non-stop head fest begins. Instead of subsiding, the beer actually gains head over time. 10 minutes roll by, and you have only poured half a glass. 20 minutes, still waiting. 30 minutes, you are able to top off the beer. The taste of the head is very sour wheat citrus, similar to the Road to Helles. After an hour, you finally pour the rest of the beer in, and notice there is actually still yeast in the bottle, changing the color and opaqueness immediately.

And that's what it is like to drink a Moosbacher Wheat on a Tuesday night.

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