Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Singha Lager

type: lager
origin: Bangkok, Thailand
price: $8/ 6-pack

A nice "island style" lager. It's not as sweet as you usually find, like a Tiger, but good and malty. A pleasant post-My-Morning-Jacket-concert treat, even though its chilly outside and my ears are ringing from the stupid idiot behind me who kept shrieking "fuuuuuuck yeaaaaaaah!!!!" every three seconds.

Oh, and on a side note, here's a pic of me pretty much blacked-out drunk on my birthday. We started at a nearby sausage and ale house, had some golden goodness, then stumbled over to an "Irish" bar where my liver decided to quit. I should say thanks to my wonderful girlfriend for cleaning up copious amounts of puke.


  1. I am looking for this label with the US Governent Warning. Could you removed it from bottles and send it to me in France for my collection ?
    beuhbaba (at) I will give you my adress

  2. Sorry we don't have it anymore. If we happen upon any others, we will let you know