Thursday, September 2, 2010

Abita Andygator

Type: Helles Doppelbock
Origin: Abita Springs, LA
Price: $4.49 per 22 oz

I am really surprised Andy hasn't reviewed this beer yet. With Andy mixed with gators, you would expect a high powered brew. The only thing high powered about this is the alcohol (8%) and the calories (235 per 12 oz serving...jesus fucking christ). The flavors are light and generally delicious, but I don't think it is worth that atrocious calorie count. Abita should definitely take the nutritional facts down from their site. Check out this site to see how ridiculous this total is. Guiness only has 125 calories. Now that I thoroughly sound like and anorexic at fat camp, I guess I should legitimately review the beer. It has a very glassy orange color with a soft head. It smells very faintly of wheat. The taste is fairly sweet with a general "beer" taste. I think the only reason this sells is because of the name and the bottle.


  1. Just a quick note, according to Abita's site,that's 235 calories for the full 22 oz. bottle. So it's not too bad for a glass or if you're splitting it.

  2. Nutrition facts on beer is always for 12 oz or 355 mL serving sizes. A 22 oz, while easy for us to drink, is not a single beer for most. If you look at Abita's IPA, its 190 calories, with less alcohol (7 cal per gram) and less carbs (4 cal per gram) for 12 oz bottles, so 235 seems about right for Andygator. Doppelbocks are notorious offenders. This is actually a great chart, and you will see lots of surprises: