Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Allagash Curieux

type: ale
origin: Portland, Maine, USA
price: $16/750 ml

Jesus, I can't take a picture worth dick. This is the best one I have after seriously changing every damn setting on my shitty camera. OK then, the review:

Damn, this is some expensive-ass beer, but hot damn the flavors are so unique it's hard to knock. Aged in Jim Beam oak bourbon barrels. My bottle was the June 10th bottled edition - only 825 cases. This would be absolutely the most perfect beer for a freezing-cold winter night. The (strong) bourbon flavors come through, giving you the bum-wine warming feeling. The 11% abv makes the tasting completely change from start to finish; for me it was "not sure I like it" to "this is delicious, my goodness." The flavors here are strikingly complex, but balanced and complimentary. I have a feeling this would pair with a nice lamb-shank or some Simpsons BBBQ.

A note about Allagash Brewing Company: 100% wind powered. Consequently, I must say something to New Belgium: you no longer get points for wind-power and shitty beer.

I thought the top of the beer was interesting too.

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