Sunday, September 26, 2010

Anderson Valley Brother David's Triple

Type: Belgian tripel
Origin: Boonville, California
Price: $6.69 per 22 oz

I was at BevMo! and was not in the mood to pay too much for beers. All they had this week were a few cheap beers, then everything else in the $7 plus range. I wanted a belgian style beer, so I was pretty much stuck with the Brother David's Triple. This is a rather interesting beer, but I don't think it is worth the price, even for a belgian. There is a complete lack of head, which is one of the most enjoyable parts of a belgian tripel. The smell is light and wheaty, and the taste is sweet with a fair amount of bitterness. The flavors of an average tripel are definitely there, but it seems watered down a bit. It is 10% ABV, which is a nice plus, and you can definitely tell its there from an overall tingling in the mouth. This is not a bad beer, just not the best belgian out there.

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