Friday, September 17, 2010

Delirium Nocturnum

type: Belgian ale
origin: Melle, Belgium
price: $12/750 ml

If you went to their website before trying this, or Tremens, you'd think these guys were the biggest retards on the planet. You remember the early nineties, when the big deal in website design was lame patterned backgrounds and animated gifs? Yeah, apparently Huyghe Brewery still has a 56k modem.

It also turns out this brewery makes the finest beers around. Why try anything else I usually think to myself? These fools are the Dorrough of beer: clean on the inside, cream on the outside.

I should say, this brew is often overshadowed by Tremens, but this is absolutely top notch stuff. It's simply a classic, perfect Belgian ale. I love their little pink elephant, too.

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