Thursday, September 30, 2010

Left Coast McGarvey's Scottish Ale

Type: scottish ale
Origin: San Clemente, California
Price: $4.69 per 22 oz

This is a very atypical beer for Left Coast, but I still think they did a fantastic job. Everything about this is clean and fresh, which is definitely not the norm for scottish ales in America since most are well past their prime. The color is a reddish chocolate with a ferocious head. This was definitely a napkin beer as you can tell from the pic. The smell is very faint hops, but really not much else happening on that front. The taste has a very strong coffee component with a bit of nuttiness, very reminiscent of a nice oatmeal stout.

A side note, Left Coast is such an awesome brewery that they actually noted that they fucked up on this beer. Right on the back they say:

"Who would have thought that a mistake would have created a gold medal beer? What was supposed to be our Sunset Amber turned out to be this..."

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