Thursday, September 30, 2010

Shipyard Pumpkinhead Ale

Type: Pumpkin Ale
Origin: Portland, Maine
Price: $6 pint at Regal Beagal

At 9% ABV I was skeptical and yet really excited to try this beer. It was the start of the Fall season yet it was hot as hell out. Did I really want a pumpkin ale or was I to resort to good ole' Budweiser? Well let me tell ya, I made the right decision. The nose is delicate and hints at the nutmeg to come. There is practically no head on the draft and the color screams of dying Autumn leaves in the middle of nowhere Maine. Crisp and refreshing, the journey begins similar to a hefty blond ale with a nice bubbly bite. Shortly after swallowing, the flavor profile shifts to your typical American pumpkin pie with a metallic tinge thrown in the mix. This was unbearable at first but after a few seconds the finish hits. Oh and what a finish it is. A beautiful and delicate blend of nutmeg, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice. It is only slightly bitter, practically unnoticeable by San Diego standards. The stated alcohol content makes me wonder, and this wonder is further compounded by the website, which says it is only 5.1% ABV. Hmmmmmm I wonder..... All in all, a must have for the coming months. I would sleep with this beer if it was possible.


  1. I'm glad your nonsnobbeer cherry has finally been popped

  2. at $6 a pint, are you sure it wasn't smashed pumpkin? either way, both are excellent.