Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wittekerke White

Type: white ale, wheat beer
Origin: Belgium
Price: $5 per pint

The gang all went to Flugtag in Long Beach a few weeks ago, and while sitting out in the sun with all the classy LBC natives, we decided to go to the Yard House, and watch the start of the Flug-tagging from there. When our order was being taken, I selected the Wittekerke, to which the waiter replied, "That is our best wheat beer". Brent then decided to be a poser and get that as well. After 15 minutes, the brews arrives for everyone else, but apparently the Wittekerke keg was tapped, and it would be another 10 minutes. I decided to be patient for once, and was pleasantly surprised by this behemoth:

A nice free upgrade to the half yard. Let me just say that the half yard is probably the stupidest glass to ever serve this beer in. The head formation was voracious for the entirety of the drink and the bubble at the bottom just ruins it. Yes the bubble exists in glasses not in boot form:

There is really nothing to intriguing about this beer, but it is pretty damn good. The sweet wheatyness is perfectly offset by a slight bitterness. It is incredibly light and easy to drink.

Enjoying our victory:

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