Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ballast Point 14th Anniversary Celebration

A cool San Diego day filled with high quality, local craft-brew? Yes, please. 14 years is not a long time to have been brewing beer, given some breweries have been around before humans gained the 46th chromosome. Even so, these guys are pro. Matt and I started with Sculpin IPA, which should be in every bar in the country, followed by habanero Sculpin (OK, an interesting variation), and then the casked Sculpin (pure heaven). What an amazing way to start off a beer tasting festival, though it does set the bar pretty high. Then we moved on to equally amazing and complex bourbon barrel aged stout (try the 09, seriously). Then we started running around like chickens with our head cut off at last call. So, basically Matt and I were in beer heaven for a measly $20.

Here's the Fathon and Sculpin cask beers:
and here's the latest in urinal technology on full display.
Overall a brilliant showing by Ballast. Well done, sirs.

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