Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ballast Point Brother Levonian

type: Saison
origin: San Diego, CA, USA
price: $6/10 oz

I got this at Small Bar with high hopes. I'll give it due credit: I can't imagine it's easy to produce a world class saison, so I'll say this is just OK. Although I've only had a few saisons in my drinking career, I'm not confident this would even place in a contest. Ballast is rock solid, so I was surprised when I was disappointed. The flavors are not as distinct as I was expecting; it almost reminded me of an about-to-go-flat Hoegaarden with lemon. Even with their track record, and their ball-rockin tasty gin (San Diego's first craft-distillery my friends. Holla!!) I've got to tragically set this aside.

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