Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kelsey McNair/Stone/Ballast: San Diego County Session Ale

type: session IPA
origin: San Diego, CA, USA
price: $3/12 oz

session ale |āl|
a beer designed to be consumed in large quantities, in order to get one extremely intoxicated

Ok I simplified the definition for context. The great thing is I think I have finally found the beer I've always wanted to drink in large quantities - this one.

The story is McNair won Stone's recent home-brew competition, and got a chance to develop his beer with Colby Chandler (Ballast) and Mitch Steele (Stone); this is the batch they released. It's a perfect anti-snob beer: beautifully hopped, intense floral aromas and flavors, and some bitterness. Then, it finishes with "ultimate drinkability", reminding you that you are simply drinking beer, and you shouldn't do so with gold bouillon up your ass.

So I say "suck it, every macrobrew ever made", because a San Diego homebrewer has created a masterpiece that will challenge your existence. You now look about as incompetent as supporters of the tea-party look unevolved. If McNair starts his own brewery, I'm buying stock. Well done, sir.

FYI, I got this at BevMo, but I'm not sure who else might have it.

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