Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mississippi Mud Black and Tan

Type: porter and pilsner
Origin: Utica, New York
Price: $3.69 per 32 oz

Sweet sassy molassy. The only thing that could get better about this beer is if it was actually made in Mississippi. I don't think I need to explicitly say how fucking awesome the bottle is, although if I get in a bar fight, I'm definitely grabbing this skull thumping bottle. The easiest way to describe this is a subdued porter with more hops, lending this brew supreme drinkability. Its surprising how many of the flavors you can pick out from each distinct beer. From the porter, you get a nice soft head, light malty smells and taste, a wee bit o nuttiness and a good dark color. From the pilsner, you get a nice sweet flavor with a nice hop balance. I am really surprised I never bought this before, especially for a liter of beer in this price point.