Monday, October 4, 2010

Paulaner Weissbier

type: weiss (wheat)
origin: Munich, Germany
price: 4 euro/0.5 l

Mmmmmmmmm. We took a stroll in the day through Munich, walking through all the amazing markets and plazas. We landed at Seehaus, a food/beer house right on a lake. The sun was out, the air crisp, and the weisbier refreshing. Usually Americans put citrus in their wheats, but I never once saw a German do such a thing. I'll attribute that to them being superior beer makers, in many respects, and don't need any additives. Paulaner was our favorite Oktoberfest tent, and it's no surprise I enjoyed the hell out of their wheat beer. Just look at that color, and the opacity. I'm starting to understand why Germans have no concept of table water. Wassa!?!? Das es nicht ein bier!

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