Monday, October 4, 2010


type: Kölsch (Cologne-style lager)
origin: Cologne, Germany
price: 2.20 €/0.5 l

After Oktoberfest we hit up Köln (Cologne), a nice little city near Dusseldorf, on the Rhine river. Cologne is known for their "Kölsch", which I'm pretty sure just translates to "Köln style lager"; the rub is it's traditionally served in 0.2 l lager glasses: tall and thin, so it was sweet to get a good sized bottle.

The drink is a smooth as any great lager, but unique in that the finish is a little more sharp and citrusy, and lacks the distinctive bitterness of a lager, or the sweetness of a pilsner. Given we'd just gotten in from München, we threw back quite a few of these pre-gaming at the hostel. Pretty good beer, but what the fuck do I know about German beers found only in a tiny region of the country?

Cologne musts: 2 € tequila shots on a friends bday. riding bikes everywhere. the Dom.
Cologne must-nots: ordering "bacon on toast"; this is raw bacon on a piece of soft bread. underground hip-hop past 1am; this equals shitty white rappers and a buzz kill.

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