Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stone Vertical Epic

Type: ale
Origin: Escondido, California,
Price: $6.99 per 22 oz

I was at Whole Foods and saw this bad boy sitting in the corner. The price pushed me away slightly at first, but once I read the bottle, I had to have it. This is ninth beer of their 11 part series of special beers released on special days. This one was released on 10-10-10, and the others were released on their respective days in previous years. What really drew me in is that this includes Muscat, Gerwurztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Definitely something different from Stone. On the pour, this definitely reminded me of sweet white wine with a nice orangish yellow color and no head. The smell is sweet, lightly floral, and very similar to a nice belgian farmhouse ale. The floral notes come in from the chamomile they add in. The taste is pretty much a typical belgian style ale. I can't really taste any of the wine flavors other than in the astringency of the alcohol. I think the only downside of this beer is that it is 9.5% ABV, not 10%. I think this was piss poor planing on Stone's part, especially for a beer released on 10-10-10 that they knew about for 9 years.

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