Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Düsseldorf Alt Beer

Düsseldorf was the first city that we visited on our trip a few weeks back and they drink mainly Altbier, which is a top fermenting beer and, according to Wikipedia, is the old style brewing method before lagers. The Alts are generally between 1 and 2 euros for a small 0.2-0.25 L glass. They are fairly bitter and simple beers. The top pic is of Schumacher Alt, which was the first brewery to use the name Alt in 1838. The greatest thing about Alt beers is the wonderful environment in which they are consumed in Düsseldorf. The main area, the Altstadt has over 200 bars in which most have outdoor standing areas with ample amounts of heat lamps. The waiters just start bringing you beers, and they keep coming until you tell them to stop. It could definitely get a little out of control if you don't keep track.

The best pic I have of one of the Alt-houses:

Some Alt with sausage:

A better pic of the Altstadt I got from Wiki:

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