Monday, November 8, 2010

Grimbergen 8 Gold

Type: Belgian Abbey Ale, blonde ale
Origin: Grimberg, Belgium
Price: €5 for 4 pack of 12 oz

I bought this in Antwerp one night when we decided to make some brats for dinner. I actually used half of one of these to beer batter the brats since we had no oil in the hostel. Pretty fantastic. This is a very nice blonde belgian ale. Its not the best I had, but bringing it back to the states depresses me since its hard to get something of this quality for the price here. The color is a very light golden opaque color and the head is fairly fizzy. The smell is slightly sour, but very subdued. The taste is fairly sweet and wheaty, but definitely not in a hefeweisen way. There is a bit of a fizzy pop to this that puts it in a category of its own. And its 8% alcohol, so how can you go wrong.

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