Monday, November 8, 2010

Regal Beagle Ale House

3659 India St. #101
San Diego, CA 92103

Around the corner from my house is a San Diego darkhorse: the Beagle. Incredibly diverse set of taps (something like 25-30) that changes significantly each time I'm there, at dirt cheap prices. And if you're sick of awesome good beer, you can order a Sparks. Seriously.

They do have some pretty delicious sausages from a San Marcos sausage monger, though I don't understand why they don't use the Sausage King - he really is the king, and nearly right around the block.

The bar name is inspired by Three's Company and I'll bet the owners still have a secret stash of Suzanne Somers pictures.

1 comment:

  1. I cant believe they have Karmaliet on tap in the picture. Ann and I had a bunch of it in Belgium, and I think it may be my new favorite beer. Although I wouldn't pay $8 for it after having only paid 3 euros