Thursday, December 23, 2010

Firehouse Hops on Rye IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Sunnyvale, California
Price: $4.49 per 22 oz

Alright, I'm really confused. There are two Firehouse Brewing Co.s, one in Sunnyvale, and one in San Diego. This one is technically Firehouse Brewery and the one in San Diego is Firehouse Brewing Company. On that note, I think this is the first beer from Firehouse Brewery that I have consumed, although I have no way to confirm that. All I know is this is a damn good beer. There are very strong coriander notes popping in here that I think help suppress the hops down to a palatable level. The color on this is a bit dark for an IPA, probably from the rye malts that they used in it. They say on the bottle that this adds a nice spicy finish, and I definitely get it. Almost like eating a peppercorn. I will have to pay attention to the other Firehouse to see who the true champion of the name is, but this is a strong contender given how I remember other "Firehouse" brews.


  1. This is from Firehouse Grill & Brewery in downtown Sunnyvale. No affiliation with the Firehouse in San Diego. It is the first (and as of now the only) beer from Firehouse to be bottled and distributed, and is usually on tap at the brewpub during the end of summer. Steve Donohue, Firehouse Brewmaster, makes some phenomenal and award winning beers, and if you are in the Bay Area, it is definitely worth the trip to visit him.

  2. thanks man. We are up in the BA a lot, so I will have to pay them a visit