Thursday, December 2, 2010

Heineken Brewery

Stadhouderskade 78
1072 AE Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 5239222

The misses and I arrived in Amsterdam around 3 pm, and decided to go to the Heineken Experience right away since it was close to the hostel and we couldn't take any culture on that day. The tour is a bit pricey at 15 euros per person, but Amsterdam is such a tourist city, so everything is expensive. I felt like if I got 1 more beer, the price would be completely justified. The tour is very high tech, with lots of screens and movies flashing everything Heineken. I will take you on a picture tour of the place.

Me in front of a demonstration vat:

They let you taste the wort. Essentially liquid cereal without any alcohol

You then get some samples where they teach you how to "enjoy" Heineken. They say to drink beer fast and try not to get much foam. Whatever

Back in the 60s, Heineken created a bottle that could be donated to poor people after drinking to be used as building blocks for buildings. I kinda want a house like this:

You finally finish up in the tasting room where you get 2 beers. You have a choice between Heineken and Heineken Extra Cold, which is served at the freezing point. Other places in Amsterdam served Amstel this way, and I think its the way to go. Quite amazing

Embarrasing pic and video of us at the brewery:



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