Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Karl Strauss To the Nines

type: Imperial IPA
origin: San Diego, CA, USA
price: $8

To the Nines is supposed to be a Holiday Ale that gets its name from having 9 types of hops, a 9.9 % abv and 99 ibus. This Imperial IPA beer is super dry hopped, unique, and surprisingly really delicious. The only thing "holiday" in this beer is that it has a slight spice to it with a sweet finish. I followed this up with a tower 10 IPA with a friend on a Wednesday overlooking the pond at the Karl Strauss Sorrento Valley Botanical Gardens location, not a bad day. Way to step it up Karl.


  1. Have you seen it at BevMo, or just KS brewery?

  2. Only at Karl Strauss and only during the Holiday season