Monday, December 13, 2010

Rock Bottom Longboard Brown Ale Cask

type: Brown Ale
origin: La Jolla, CA
price: $4/16 oz pint

I have had the Longboard Brown Ale before, but never on a special release cask that was supposed to be dry hopped. The original is not bad and has won some awards, but nothing compared to Moose Drool in my opinion. This special release honestly tasted like garbage, dry hopped with manure. It had an initial caramel taste and a aftertaste of a flat root beer. I am used to the Rock Bottom mediocre beers and selection, but this was really disappointing. At least at happy hour it's only $3 in a mug size (still not worth it).

1 comment:

  1. Remember when I had Biff chasing me and he ended up driving his car into a pile of manure?!? Yep, that was actually Rock Bottom's secret beer-hop-ingredient stash. Welcome to 1985.