Friday, January 7, 2011

Alesmith Yule Smith Winter Ale

Type: Imperial Red Ale
Origin: San Diego, CA
Price: $8 22oz
9.5% ABV

Well, Alesmith pulls it off again. Every beer I have from this brewery is fantastic, not to mention they make my favorite beer ever. This one is delightfully unique. It's marketed as a double/Imperial red. It's quite the murky beer, so much so it looks almost muddy. It has lots of hop on the nose but much less while on the tongue. It reminds me more of a brown due to its slight sweetness. Much maltier than I expected, especially by Alesmith's standards, but it works extraordinarily well in this case. Andy, before morphing into "Randy", nicely spotted licorice flavor. Imperial red is a bit of an overstatement. Regardless, this baby is a winner. Unfortunately my lottery ticket wasn't. Oh oh oh, what I could do with $228,000,000 cash...

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