Thursday, January 13, 2011

Augustijn Blonde

Type: blonde ale
Origin: Ertvelde, Belgium
Price: $17.99 for variety 6 pk

Man what a heady bastard. The picture was taken two minutes after pouring, and five minutes later, I have still not taken a sip. You know when you watch cooking shows and they whip cream until it forms peaks, well thats what the head on this beer is like. I promise you I didn't shake it, and it has been resting comfortably in my fridge for 3 days.

On to the tasting notes. The color is pretty typical of blonde ales. The smell is slightly sour wheat. The taste is a fairly sour wheat as well. This may be one of the more sour beers I've had (besides lambics and red ales). All in all, not a bad beer, although I've had better blondes. You do have to give them props for brewing since 1295. Back in the dark ages, this beer probably tasted like pure gold.

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