Friday, January 21, 2011

Avery Kaiser

type: Imperial lager
origin: Boulder, CO
price: ??/22oz

The third Colorado-based beer of the brisket night (1 & 2). As the picture shows, we're getting deeper in the afternoon, and the light is fading. Anything tastes good now, probably even a Craftsman, but the Kaiser maintains his supreme dominance. The color is a nice auburn Märzen-style tint (they do call it an Oktoberfest lager) but is a little sweeter than expected (9.2% at 24 I-B-fucking-U, Christ); still, very much a flavorful, malty brew, slightly dry at the end. Rotate the bottle pi/2 radians and you see "malt liquor" proudly displayed; we're thinking that's because it's a lager over X% abv (I don't know what X is). Although I give this the A-OK, I'm not sure I could drink 6 units of it in München and still make it back alive, or happy to be drinking beer still.

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