Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bornem Tripel Abbey Ale

Type: Belgian tripel
Origin: Ertvelde, Belgium
Price: $17.99 per variety 6 pack of Flanders beers

I was just at Whole Foods and I noticed a variety 6 pack of beers from the Van Steenberge Brewery. I only had 1 of the beers in the 6 pack (which I never reviewed), so I decided to give it a go, even those the price seemed like a bit of a shock. On second inspection, the price isn't terrible at $3 per beer (good beer), considering I pay $10+ for a 750 mL of the same types of beer. The Bornem Tripel is a rather interesting belgian tripel. It seems a bit darker than most, and there is a bit more brown ale action going on than usual. The best way to describe it is malted wheat. It has many wheaty aspects of a tripel with just some roasting. If all brown ales tasted like this, I might actually enjoy them. And if they were 9%. This should be a fun 6 pk.

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